Artificial intelligence electronic unit and predictive diagnosis techniques

One of the most active lines of research in our R&D department is in predictive diagnosis or foreknowledge applied to AutoGas / LPG engines. Our main concern is reducing polluting emissions and increasing the reliability of our systems in order to keep emissions levels low throughout the life of the engine. It is a highly innovative project where we work with The Internet of Things (machine to machine) technologies and telemetric systems together with the most advanced techniques in the field of machine learning.


SIROCCO is a fully configurable J1939 protocol frame simulator that helps the development of switchboards and CAN equipment that require a reliable source of CAN / J1939 signals. Using potentiometers it is possible to modify the value of 6 parameters simultaneously among a total of more than 150 SPNs. Built-in CAN receiver. 125/250/500/1000 Kbps configurable. Configurable DMx error signals, priorities, source address, etc. Output connector: OBDII built into the equipment.




GASTRONIC is a compact unit that simulates the electrical presence of a real 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine. The information is displayed on a VGA screen and parameters such as RPM, camshaft, crankshaft position, injection, ignition, etc. are available on the front panel. The opening time of injectors can be modified and is fully programmable from a PC environment.




BEGAS ECU is BEGAS technical solution to slave control of the LPG system in the transformation of a vehicle. Available in mono and bifuel versions for 4 cylinders. It incorporates control of the vehicle’s fuel gauge, whereas in the monofuel case is still operational. Optional Bluetooh and CAN nJ15764 emitter. Injection control, LPG level, charging solenoid valve and safety functions, among other functions.




This project has CDTI funds and has been endorsed, given its technical scientific interest, by the UPM´S Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers and the UNED.

The project with the title “Tools development, electronic artificial intelligence unit and predictive diagnosis techniques for alternative fuels engines LPG-CNG” and file number IDI-20160139 has been funded by the CENTER FOR INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT (CDTI), and co-financed by the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (ERDF) through the Multiregional Operational Program for Smart Growth.