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BBK and BeGas advance in their responsibility of industrialization by producing ecological engines in the region of Bizkaia

BBK y BeGas avanzan en su compromiso de industrialización en Bizkaia produciendo motores ecológicos

Last morning, the president of BBK, Xabier Sagredo, visited our facilities in Amorebieta (Bizkaia), in the Boroa AIC, where we have a motor production cell for engines, powered by AutoGas for its use in vehicles dedicated to heavy urban transport . In this occasion, we have presented the first units of the only engine powered […]

Diesel / AutoGas hybridization of MAN TGM and Mercedes Benz Atego for Spartan Logística

camión híbrido, GLP, ECO

Spartan Logística is a company specialized in the transportation of valuable goods in security vehicles. They carry out the transfer of a wide range of products, such as valuable electronics, mobile telephones, state-of-the-art technology, jewelry, watches, luxury clothing, works of art or sensitive documentation. They own a large fleet of vehicles, such as high-end armored […]

BeGas joins Sernauto as a new associate

BeGas, the new associate of the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (Sernauto), is a Spanish company with a technological base and strong research character founded in 2015. It is specialized in the development of engines that use ecological fuels recognized by the European Union as alternative energies (for their operation). Its mision is to contribute […]

BeGas obtains the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications

These international certificates represent the recognition of BeGas’ effort to offer a quality service and its commitment to the environment. Obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms the implementation of a quality management system in accordance with the standard. Through this certification, BeGas demonstrates that it has established management processes which guarantee the quality of its […]

Isuzu M21 Hybrid: Splitmania

Hibridación diésel/GLP de Isuzu M21 Euro VI para Splitmanía. Conoce más detalles sobre la hibridacion diésel/GLP de BeGas o solicita presupuesto.

Splitmania is a company specialized in supplying accessories for the complete installation of any air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation equipment, dedicated to the professional installer. With more than thirty years of experience, they have 21 points of sale in Spain. They hybridized their Isuzu M21 Euro VI to comply with the Environmental Protection Policy […]

Euro VI Step D

In the last time, anti-pollution regulations have been rapidly evolving. All these measures establish technological standards related to vehicle emissions and the quality of their fuels. This is intended to limit emissions of greenhouse gases and polluting gases coming from road transport. The European Union obliges to comply with the EC regulation 443/2009 to implement […]

LPG: the origin of an alternative fuel

GLP: el origen de un combustible alternativo

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an alternative fuel which, under normal conditions of temperature and pressure,is in a gaseous state. Generally, it is stored in a liquid state by subjecting it to moderate pressures or lowering its temperature. LPG, also known as autogas, comes from two sources. 60% of its production results from the extraction […]