We manufacture eco engines LPG/Autogas

The first engine 100% LPG of liquid injection EuroVI-D approved for trucks and city buses

E3 Engines

  • Effective: torque and maximum power is achieved at very low rotational speed.
  • Ecological. ECO label. Compared to conventional fuel:
    • 51% reduction in CO levels.
    • 22% reduction in PN levels.
    • 57% reduction in Nox levels.
    • 29% reduction in PM10 levels.
    • 87% reduction in HClevels.
  • Economic. 30% reduction in fuel operating expenses, due to gas price in the market.


  • Available in powers of 240, 280 and 310 hp
  • Built with a GM base
  • They deliver a torque between 1,050 to 1,250 Nm.
  • Cinematic chain approved by VOITH and ALLISON.

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