BeGas Hybridgas

Diesel Duel Fuel

Our diesel hybridization system and LPG (Diesel duel Fuel)


We hybridize between the LPG diesel in your trucks or buses fleet. The system is not intrusive and DOES NOT modify the EDC. The system is placed in parallel and only collects signals, mainly by CAN BUS (engine oil temperature, engine torque, etc.). The rest of the sensors are specific to the system (reductor water temperature, pressure MAP / intake temperature, exhaust temperature probe, etc.)

LPG Autogas injection is an indirect injection into the engine intake. Neither cylinder head nor cylinder is drilled. It is detailed with an engine mounting general image and the operating cycle.


  • Delivery of the vehicle
  • Engineering project. Test bench parameterization. The power torque curve is measured, as well as compression and operating temperature inside the combustion chamber. The vehicle will be delivered with the same measurements.
  • Project development. The project is applied to the vehicle.
  • Technical inspection of vehicles.
  • Fuel saving test. Monitoring and results.
  • The vehicle is delivered with the ECO label incorporated.

Through a guarantee provider, BeGas offers the possibility of guaranteeing the engines or powertrains of new, pre-owned or used vehicles. Applicable for a period of six months to three years.

We adapt the guarantee conditions and the parts list covered to the needs of each client.

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